The modern business from a technology standpoint should look like the following:


Available, Secure, Open, Scalable

Technology, regardless of its use or your level of dependency of it, should support your business, not be the diva in the foreground demanding all of your attention.


Technology must make life easier, not harder for us. Technology is there when we use it and working in the background while we are away from it.

The modern business has to deal with many daily obstacles. They could be from employees, customers, vendors, or elements so far out of our control we never see it coming.


Technology solutions today need to be extremely flexible and steadfastly secure. Wow, is that even possible?  Well yes, maybe, sometimes.  Hmm, I guess it depends right?  There is never a straight answer? I will say it does depend on your business requirements.

I will also say that technology solutions have most certainly improved over the last 20 years since I first sat in my own cubicle. And in that very cubicle, illegally (against corporate policy illegal, not illegal, illegal) setup PCAnywhere over a dial up modem so that I could remote in after work in order to work more. Yes, you read that correctly. Leave work, go home, dial up and connect into work to continue working.

I am sure I am not alone in this case as many of us love to remain connected and be able to work when inspired. My point is this, make you technology available whenever and wherever. You never know who and when you may need it.

Now with that said, there is nothing more important to your survival then protecting your digital assets.  You could ask if security is so important why have you placed it second.  Well my thinking is that you have to see the plan before you protect the plan. Securing your business will involve a few key determining factors such as what do we need to protect, how complex and cost effective will the solutions be.

I have mentioned in earlier posts about thinking like a hacker when it comes to security. Here is another approach in the same mindset. Since you know best what type of data or digital assets your company has, pretend you are outside of your company and you want to target those same assets you are entrusted with protecting. How would you do it?  Find any security holes or vulnerabilities? If so, you better get to work on security those.


Knowledge is power, is a favorite quote of many, including myself.  In order to gain knowledge in the modern business our systems need to openly connect with each other, at least in some way. Being able to create reports from more than data source. Or being able to see into your business processes requires open and available systems. Visibility throughout the business is a requirement today, it keeps you efficient and effective.


Being able to scale, or rather, the ability to scale up or down is powerful. Although it does sounds odd to scale down, when we want our business to scale up.  However, the ability to scale down systems programmatically at certain times can have a huge cost savings. Rarely do we need every system available at 100%, full throttle power. Instead we want to automatically monitor and control and throttle as the business demands. Sure, this is a simple philosophy that has been around for a while but are you able to say you are doing this today?

The modern workplace as we have just outlined above used to be reserved for enterprises and large budgets. However today, every size business now has access to all of these wonderful technology solutions. Talk to your vendor about how you stack up to the modern workplace. If you don’t have a technology vendor today or you are not happy with your current “expert” that is cool we can help.