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We are strategists, technologists and thinkers dedicated to empowering the modern workplace with solutions aimed at making their business more secure, more efficient, and run 24/7 from anywhere. We create long term solutions with near term results that enhance the way people work and increase their productivity. 

Technology for a human world.

How we can help YOU

Technology Leadership

Assessing current technology and taking a strategy-led approach to defining the role technology plays in the near and long term plans of the company. Assessing the immediate pain points while preparing for growth. Assessing the culture of the employees and creating an executable roadmap to get there. Revolt becomes part of your executive team and works side by side with you to execute and adjust as your business grows.

Revolt Security Solutions

Revolt Security Solutions (RSS) Security is more than a buzzword it is a set of strategies that prevent unauthorized access and monitors access to sensitive date. First we need to assess the risk. A security assessment starts with an audit. By assessing the systems, people, policies, procedures and vulnerabilities we can judge the overall risk of your environment. Once identified, we will recommend steps to mitigate any vulnerabilities and lower the risk of a future attack or security incident. All the phases of security: Prevention, Detection and Response are crucial to keep your business protected and prepared.


Revolt Virutal Office Solutions

Revolt Virtual Office (RVO) is a remote business productivity and continuity solution built to keep your business running consistently and securely from wherever your employees want (or need) work. It's a seamless and secure solution that allows you to focus on what matters most to your business, your customers and your employees.

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Modernization & Tranformation

Technology modernization helps companies that are burdened by existing technology or processes to move to a more productive and efficient environment. This is done via a technology roadmap that is driven to enhance the way people work and empower them to be part of the change. This often includes moving legacy based environments to our cloud based productivity suite allowing them be accessed within the Revolt ONE remote office solution. As well as migrating away from expensive and rigid solutions that are no longer serving your business.

Data Insights & Business Applications

Data is everywhere and in todays modern businesses, the ones that use it properly and act on have the edge. Real time data that provides actionable insights into your business, your customers, your employees can be invaluable. It allows you to act when things are starting to fail not AFTER a complete breakdown. Data Insights can not only help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business but it is the real-time navigation for keeping your business on track and heading in the right direction. When business applications are added to take action based off of those insights, your business will be ready to soar.

Connected Solutions

Todays world of everything connecting to everything brings not only some interesting challenges but also some incredible opportunities to reach your customers in a more powerful way. At revolt we have been active in the connected solutions space since the IoT revolution was the wild west. Creating intelligent platforms, tradeshow technology experiences and guidance around the best way to utilize IoT in your business.

Custom Solutions

At the heart of what we do at revolt is solve complex problem with uncommon solutions. We think strategically and we tend to think different. All businesses can benefit for technology solutions but every business is also unique in their own way. The type of business, the way they work, their unique challenges and most importantly the way the serve their customers. Within those areas there is often a need or an opportunity to enhance engagement or productivity in a way that is specialized to your business. At revolt we have been solving unique problems for our customers for many years and we're sure we can help you as well.

Meet Revolt

Anthony Daiuto

CEO | Co-Founder

Anthony is responsible for setting the company's vision and strategic direction and passionate about making sure our clients are thriving today and tomorrow. He enjoys spending time with his wife and young kids, working out, playing hockey and real estate.

Ian Morris

Director of Technology

Ian not only directs technology for Revolt, he is the air traffic controller of our technology. Ian is passionate about helping our clients secure their businesses while reducing costs and increasing productivity. Other passions include, sitting by his fire-pit, checking off his home improvement list and reading up on latest tech innovations.

Leo Daiuto

CCO | Co-Founder

Leo is passionate about finding peoples "why". He is responsible for driving innovation and building a company culture. When he is not with his wife and teenage kids you can find him in his music studio or working with early stage startups via the Penn State Great Valley LaunchBox .

Andrew Karetas

Director of Operations

Quick, think of something you do every day for your business. Andrew wants to help figure out how to automate that process to help businesses run more efficiently. He enjoys a good project and learning new skills along the way, like 3D printing or making his own desk out of hardwood flooring slats.

Craig Schultz

Project Manager

Craig is our LEED accredited Project Management Professional (PMP) obsessed with getting projects done on time, on budget and with a smile. It’s no wonder Craig likes to run marathons. When he is not working with our team and our clients, he can be found chilling with his fiancé, his dog, and a cold craft beer.

Joe Lyons

VP of Solutions | Co-Founder

Joe designs technology solutions that give clients the tools they need to run their business efficiently and securely.  As a football coach, he knows the game plan is only as strong as the implementation. On the home front, Joe teams up with his wife to coach their kids to grow into the best version of themselves.

Matt Olinchak

IT Manager

If you are a Revolt client, you will know Matt as your front-line support for all of our cloud solutions. And if you ever found yourself in a shoot-out, you would want Matt on your side. He is a nationally ranked competition shooter, in fact in 2018, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia named him state champion.


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